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“Be ruthless with time, but gracious with people”

That struck a chord for me and was one of the comments on this Quick culture tip #46″ by David D’Souza on LinkedIn.

It starts “It might be OK to move fast and break things. It depends on your business. It’s not ok to move fast and break people.

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Email: changing behaviours and more

In my current role the volume of email is one of my challenges, not in a “I have too many emails” way but we rely on email as our primary communication channel.  I’ve some ideas for how I plan to tackle that – and this post isn’t about that, sorry if that’s what you’re here for.


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Leaving work on time and asking for help

Sometimes I read things that seem completely unrelated, but then they’re not. Like these two articles – of course balance is needed. Always asking for help so you can leave early won’t win you any friends, but I think each of this could be more productive if we did more of these. Continue reading “Leaving work on time and asking for help”

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