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Organisational Culture

“Be ruthless with time, but gracious with people”

That struck a chord for me and was one of the comments on this Quick culture tip #46″ by David D’Souza on LinkedIn.

It starts “It might be OK to move fast and break things. It depends on your business. It’s not ok to move fast and break people.

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Tackling self-doubt and Take Pride

In her post “The most liberating career move I ever made & how I got the guts to do itSteph Tranter shares her personal experience and her three tips that had the most impact on her. They’re about self-doubt, being human and time and permission, you’ll have to pop over and read the post for the full story.

But remember¬†“self-doubt is a habit. Continue reading “Tackling self-doubt and Take Pride”

What makes an organisation’s culture?

Over at Alive with Ideas they’ve listed 28 components for constructing effective organisational culture, and they’ve a great infographic too.

It covers what you’d expect: communication, structure, engagement, environment, Continue reading “What makes an organisation’s culture?”

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