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Based in London, IC at 139a is a blog by Stephanie Robinson.

My posts contain examples of Internal Communication and Employee Engagement best practices, as well as other potentially useful stuff I’ve discovered on my travels around the internet which I think will be useful in the workplace one day.

You’ll find many links to other sites here, and I make no apology to that – there’s lots of good stuff out there and the challenge is to find it when you need it. I’m hoping this blog will help me do just that, and I hope you’ll find it useful too.

If you’re wondering about the name, the IC part is fairly obvious, I hope. The 139a part refers to my lifestyle blog, Life at 139a. I like to keep things simple, so this blog is IC at 139a.

I’m keen to hear your views too, and if you’ve examples of best practice then please get in touch.