Brexit – a word that didn’t exist a year or so ago, but one that everyone knows about now. Following the shock result there’s been quite a few articles on how to communicate with staff and so on.

I like this one from Changeboard which covers how leaders can cope with and drive performance in times of uncertainty.

The HR Digest asked if “Don’t take it personally” is coming in the way of employee engagement – and isn’t that the point of employee engagement.  What do you think?

I also read the review by Headlines about Facebook at Work with interest. I’ve worked in organisations where it’s banned and where it’s allowed in personal time. So what did I think?

It’s true most people know how to navigate Facebook and that reduces training costs, but there’s still the “Facebook is a social tool” headspace to get over. Although why people can’t be social at work is beyond me, surely that’s how the best companies get things done.

I also agree that the concept isn’t particularly groundbreaking, a lot of organisations have what is or can be loosely termed an ESN, I think for many it’ll come down to getting over the Facebook personal vs professional hurdle.

What do you think?