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Are we in danger of comms overload?

I saw an interesting and thought provoking article published by Headlines today:  “employees in danger of communication overload” where according to Cary Cooper “most of us are guilty of checking in with work too often.”

It’s true there’s a difference between “we don’t expect you to check your email” and “we expect you not to check your email”  Continue reading “Are we in danger of comms overload?”


“Be ruthless with time, but gracious with people”

That struck a chord for me and was one of the comments on this Quick culture tip #46″ by David D’Souza on LinkedIn.

It starts “It might be OK to move fast and break things. It depends on your business. It’s not ok to move fast and break people.

Read more on LinkedIn


Zero talent needed…

Anatomy of an engaged employee

H&H Agency posted a great picture on LinkedIn showing the anatomy of an engaged employee and it’s a great visual reminder of stuff we know, but often overlook in the whirl of day to day communicating.  It’s head and heart stuff, as well as experiences and feelings:

What I know – purpose, ethics, culture, values, goals, strategy Continue reading “Anatomy of an engaged employee”

Tackling self-doubt and Take Pride

In her post “The most liberating career move I ever made & how I got the guts to do itSteph Tranter shares her personal experience and her three tips that had the most impact on her. They’re about self-doubt, being human and time and permission, you’ll have to pop over and read the post for the full story.

But remember “self-doubt is a habit. Continue reading “Tackling self-doubt and Take Pride”

Email: changing behaviours and more

In my current role the volume of email is one of my challenges, not in a “I have too many emails” way but we rely on email as our primary communication channel.  I’ve some ideas for how I plan to tackle that – and this post isn’t about that, sorry if that’s what you’re here for.


Continue reading “Email: changing behaviours and more”

Are you a procrasti-master?

OK, I just made that word up. But I am rather pleased with myself.


We all do it right?  The Science of Us shared a post with tips on “How to make yourself work when you don’t really feel like it” and how you can get smart about your procrastinating.

Continue reading “Are you a procrasti-master?”

Loving your job: an art or a science?

Beth has blogged on the Todoist blog about the art and science of loving your job.

The three concrete things you can do are:

  1. Do more of what you like to do
  2. Improve (or remove) your commute
  3. Find meaning in your work

What would you add?

Brexit comms, is EE personal & Facebook

Brexit – a word that didn’t exist a year or so ago, but one that everyone knows about now. Following the shock result there’s been quite a few articles on how to communicate with staff and so on.

I like this one from Changeboard which covers how leaders can cope with and drive performance in times of uncertainty. Continue reading “Brexit comms, is EE personal & Facebook”

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